Outdoorevolution: overlap facades made in gres porcelain

Geco® is an extremely innovative coating system of walls inspired by wooden shingles, from which takes aesthetic value but keeps the expressive and technical power of gres porcelain.

Modules made by three on top slabs pasted on an aluminum support guarantee a distance of 4cm from the existing wall, feature able to include Geco inside of ventilated facades category.

The intrinsic characteristics of this patented system assure the independence of itself from the stress of existing wall. Geco® can be installed directly on brick or concreate facades but also on aluminum or wood substructure up to 22mt high.

Ideal for exterior renovation projects.

Searching suitable coatings for building envelope, designers and end-users are looking for a beautiful and reliable product, which is able to give technical and aesthetic guarantee over time and to be installed on all types of facades, made of masonry, reinforce concrete, wooden or thermal coat.
The gres porcelain slab matches to these needs.
It is an industrial material constantly controlled and produced according to the strictest standards EN 14411, which define it resistant and timeless. It is environmentally-friendly because gres porcelain derives from recycle production materials and , at the same time, it is easily recycable (it not contains plastic or paints).
These features make it the main material to be used as a building evelope. It is appealingly beautiful, durable ,easy to install, low-coast, since it does not need maintenance costs and it allows to save edifice’s energy costs.

How it works?

How it works

Why choose Geco?

Discover all the advantages of Geco System
Why choose Geco

The ideal contexts that enhance Geco® applications.

Sea and lake areas
(humidity, dried salt).

Sea and lake areas

Mountain areas
(freeze, thermical leaps).

Mountain areas

Civil constructions and industrial areas

industrial areas

External walls

external walls

Terraces dividing walls

terraces dividing walls

Fences and gates

fences and gates

Totally customize with Kronos products.







Freedom of design

GECO® can be installed on all fixing structures for all types of surfaces.

6mt starting profile always to pose at GECO® facada base

facada base

Geco on wall

Geco on wall

Geco on wall with composit panel

Geco on wall with composit panel

Closing angle on wall composite panel

Closing angle on wall composite panel

Low zone starting

low zone starting

High zone closing

high zone closing